Our Tier 1 automotive supplier was helping their OEM customer with an issue that was a major build problem in pre-production. Our Tier 1 customer was actually hand making parts with over 50 temporary employees. This was time consuming and meeting delivery dates would be impossible. To make matters worse, the parts were made up of two separate materials (2 shot). They needed help and they needed help fast.



TK Mold & Engineering, Inc. accepted the challenge and built three different prototype molds. Since we specialize in two shot mold making were able to design and produce the molds within two weeks. We produced 55,000 parts utilizing our in-house molding presses to meet the OEM requirements. We were able to produce up to 2,000 parts per mold a week.



Tier 1 automotive supplier was satisfied with our ability to quickly turnaround and solve their labor intensive delivery requirements for OEM standards. Quality parts were delivered to the OEM customer in a timely manner. Since we were able to produce the required quantity of parts a production mold was no longer needed which saved our Tier 1 and OEM significant cost.

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