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A Defense customer had a project that needed precise and accurate first shot success.  In an industry like defense, it is not recommended that molds are welded together for repairs so it is absolutely critical that molds are perfect when they leave the building. Their current supplier was not performing to customer standards even on their third tryout.



In order to give reassurance of quality mold making, we developed an in-process checklist specific to each customer requirement. Bi-weekly reports were sent to the customer stating the status of the jobs to ensure delivery time. We also invested in advanced training for our CNC machinists so that they could use innovative cutting techniques reducing time to complete the job. Since we have the ability to cut and burn all in one spot, this prevents human error in the machining process. We make sure to inspect our molds throughout the entire build process to ensure quality molds.


Our troubleshooting method is the reason we have great success on tryouts the first time around. Our CMM department confirmed accurate results. There was no need for corrections, second shots, or welding. Our customer appreciated the constant reporting and communication so they knew status throughout the project.

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