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 A Trustworthy Partnership

Business Handshake



An Automotive Tier One supplier was having difficulties with their current Mold builder not performing up to their quality standards. A mold built by this other mold maker did not stand up to the high production environment it was intended for. Structural features of the mold were fatigued and broke off of the mold parting line. Consequently, the mold needed to be scrapped out. With the mold down and scheduled for a high volume vehicle run, timing was of essence to get a new mold up and running.




TK Mold picked up the mold and evaluated what needed to be accomplished to get this job done. TK has Journeymen with well over 40 years of manufacturing experience. We have also positioned ourselves for growth by training apprentices who are smart thinkers and are capable of performing up to our company’s standards. Our team is skilled, passionate, and dedicated to providing our customers with a professional experience.  We believe communication is the key to what makes TK Mold a trustworthy resource for any new mold build. TK Mold provides tool timelines and consistent communication throughout the build so our customers know exactly what is going on with their mold at all times. TK Mold holds itself accountable for on-time deliveries by using internal target dates.




The new tool was re-designed, built and ready to run. Our tool timelines reassured our supplier that they would have an on-time delivery and a mold that would run high volume parts.  Our new customer was so elated with their parts that they took the mold back after the first shots. Since TK Mold was successful in building a replacement mold up the supplier’s expectations the first time around, our company earned their trust. Their confidence in our abilities formed a new relationship and they told us they enjoy working with our team.

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