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Careers at TK Mold & Engineering, Inc.

Thank you for your interest in a position at TK Mold & Engineering Inc.. 


Talented Designers, CNC Machinists, Programmers, EDM Operators, Mold Assemblers, Bench Hands, and Production Engineers are some key positions that may be available at TK Mold.


TK Mold & Engineering, Inc. also invests and promotes in skilled trades. The company  offers  an extensive  "Mold Maker" Apprenticeship Program .

On-the-job training and coursework at Macomb Community College is part of the curriculum. This program is  recognized by the U.S Department of Labor and in the Manufacturing Sector. Candidates for our specialized apprenticeship program must be hired first. After a 90-day probational period, consideration is given for enrollment.

All possible new hires for any position at TK Mold & Engineering, Inc. may send resumes to: 


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